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About Last Winter

So, was the exceptionally cold winter 2009 – 2010 in North America, Europe and parts of Asia a sign of Global Cooling ?

Noooo. Not a bit of it. It was down to “internal variability” of the climate system :-

“GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. 37, L14703, 6 PP., 2010 : doi:10.1029/2010GL043830 : Northern Hemisphere winter snow anomalies: ENSO, NAO and the winter of 2009/10 : Seager et al…conclude that the negative NAO [North Atlantic Oscillation] and El Nino [positive ENSO] event were responsible for the northern hemisphere snow anomalies of winter 2009/10…”

Expect fireworks and/or damp squibs from denier-sceptic quarters.

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The Population Question (2)

Image Credit : Lauren Manning under Creative Commons Licence : “World Population Growth From 2008 to 2050”

Who could have guessed that my previous post would not be the final word on “The Population Question” ?

As anybody who has ever looked at this question and its surrounding myths will know, there is layer upon layer of mis-fact, swirl around swirl of supposition and conjecture on the topic of human-to-land density in the imaginings of the newspaper-reading populace.

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CURRU : Horrible Headlines

The Climate Unscience Rapid Response Unit would like to ask anybody out there with a few spare minutes and a reliable contact with the Daily Telegraph to have a little chat with them about this, their latest “Horrible Headline”, headlighted on their Science page thusly :-

“Will it really be a ‘barbecue summer’? : Forecasts for a barbecue summer are as uncertain as predictions of climate change, argues Roger Highfield : 23 Mar 2010”

They appear to have already bowed to some sort of internal or external pressure to change it from its original form, which appears to have had its datestamp set back to the year 2000, for some unknown reason :-

“You can’t predict the weather; or climate change : Our weather forecasts will always be as unreliable as our predictions of climate change. : By Roger Highfield : Published: 7:00AM GMT 23 Mar 2000”

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Anything But Climate Change

WARNING : The text appeal above is only valid in the United States of America.

The whole world and its Media turn their full gaze on the chilly weather in the Northern Hemisphere, neglecting the excessive heat in parts of the Arctic and the Southern Hemisphere.

And then the forest of cameras pans around 180 degrees to look poor Haiti in the eye.

Give in-depth focus to anything, as long as it’s not Climate Change. Don’t let us have to think about Global Warming for another six months.

Yes, please give to one of the appeals for emergency relief of the earthquake victims in Haiti. But don’t forget about Climate Change.

One day, your own country might be making a very similar appeal because of extreme manmade weather.

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A Convenient Earthquake

In the continuing saga of the mainstream Media massaging of the facts, and framing our concerns for us, you may have noticed news about a deadly earthquake in Sumatra and a horror tsunami in Samoa, but you probably won’t have noticed the very active Typhoon season in the Western Pacific.