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CURRU : Horrible Headlines

The Climate Unscience Rapid Response Unit would like to ask anybody out there with a few spare minutes and a reliable contact with the Daily Telegraph to have a little chat with them about this, their latest “Horrible Headline”, headlighted on their Science page thusly :-

“Will it really be a ‘barbecue summer’? : Forecasts for a barbecue summer are as uncertain as predictions of climate change, argues Roger Highfield : 23 Mar 2010”

They appear to have already bowed to some sort of internal or external pressure to change it from its original form, which appears to have had its datestamp set back to the year 2000, for some unknown reason :-

“You can’t predict the weather; or climate change : Our weather forecasts will always be as unreliable as our predictions of climate change. : By Roger Highfield : Published: 7:00AM GMT 23 Mar 2000”