Come On Over For Lunch

Shock ! Horror ! Major Climate Change Scientist spotted at Climate Camp…ah, but which one… ? How to distinguish one dressed-down, unwashed individual with dishevelled locks from any another ?

Any sign of Climate Change sceptic-denier Andrew Montford, as affectionately known as “Bishop Hill” ? Can’t make him out, but he might have responded to the banner appeal to “Come On Over for Lunch”. You never know. That might be him chopping potatoes, right in the thick of it.

One thought on “Come On Over For Lunch”

  1. Would that be the liquid lunches they were all buying at the Gyle opposite on Saturday and Sunday then? Haven’t seen so many crates of beer going out since Christmas – not much food either 🙂

    Anyhow bone up on your geography luv, Mr Montford doesn’t live near Edinburgh.

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