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Climate Union : One Nation, Under Water

I’m in the Climate Union. Are you ?

Yesterday evening, I sat in an amazing discussion.

There were representatives from some of the UK’s best social movements, including environmental campaigns, faith communities and trades unions.

Part of a series of coalition talks, yesterday’s goal was to make progress on forming a united front on Climate Change. There are some politics to do.

Because, well, you know, it’s not just about Global Warming. It’s about Climate Change. And that will affect us all.

Climate Change Social Change

Live To Your Utmost

We need more heroes !

Not gun-toting, all-action kings of physical power, no. We need people of peaceful ways making total commitment to cause – the eradication of Net Carbon to Air. We need more people than we have now, people who have vacated ordinary roles and unassuming lives to take on the mantle of super-savers, Climate Change activists, Energy educators, insulation installers, plant growers, cycling trainers…

We need writers and journalists and speakers; researchers, facilitators and politickers. We need anyone and everyone to direct their entire life’s work to getting Climate Change done.

Climate Change Contraction & Convergence Social Change

Doom Avoidance : Ed Miliband Invites Protest

Ed Miliband wants a Climate Change social movement, and it is going to appear in force, but it won’t look the way he wants or expects.

In the interview article below notice that Ed Miliband is going to publish a Climate Change manifesto shortly, outlining the UK negotiating position for the December United Nations Climate Talks.

That means that the UK negotiating position for Copenhagen in December has already been decided.

Big Picture Climate Change

Franny Goes To Lollywood

You’d be forgiven for thinking that London has become the eco-celebrity film-making green-carpet capital of the world.

Gushing lesser and former names have been falling all over themselves to promote “The Age of Stupid”. Gillian Anderson (ex of X) was beside herself at the premiere and hasn’t stopped drawling since.

Doors have opened. Doors to Government Ministers, green pretender corporates, la-la fashion design houses. Anyone who’s green is ganging for Franny Armstrong. It’s like she’s made it to the Moon and made a new giant leap for cinematic (wo)mankind.