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We need more heroes !

Not gun-toting, all-action kings of physical power, no. We need people of peaceful ways making total commitment to cause – the eradication of Net Carbon to Air. We need more people than we have now, people who have vacated ordinary roles and unassuming lives to take on the mantle of super-savers, Climate Change activists, Energy educators, insulation installers, plant growers, cycling trainers…

We need writers and journalists and speakers; researchers, facilitators and politickers. We need anyone and everyone to direct their entire life’s work to getting Climate Change done.

We need more people like Canon Hereward Cooke of Norwich who died in his sleep having completed a charity bicycle ride to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. He died doing what his heart told him to do :-

We need people like Cathy Green who is full of sizzling personal energy, who started the One Tonners movement :-

We need more people like Soo Chapman in Dorset, leading the the move against airport expansion :-

We need more people like George Monbiot, who is so eloquent and funny and piercingly incisive, and yet who feels everything deeply keenly :-

We need more people like Jonathan Neale, who writes and speaks people-rousing rhetoric, who cares passionately about social unity :-

We need more people like Emma Grant, a tireless young campaigner with Christian Aid :-

We need more people like Kumi Naidoo :-

We need more people like Ben Amunwa :-

There’s no cash in following your convictions. None of the organisations I collaborate with have any significant funds, and very few of the activists have wealth or assets of any kind.

We find ourselves arrayed in opposition to a phalanx of well-funded, Fossil-Fuel-industry-sponsored Public Relations hooligans. We are often outpaced, out-ranked, out-documented.

We need more heroes (and heroines) ready to point every part of their lives and lifestyles towards a sustainable future.

How many Climate Change activists does it take to change a lightbulb ?

Ask Dr Matt Prescott :-

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