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Franny Goes To Lollywood

You’d be forgiven for thinking that London has become the eco-celebrity film-making green-carpet capital of the world.

Gushing lesser and former names have been falling all over themselves to promote “The Age of Stupid”. Gillian Anderson (ex of X) was beside herself at the premiere and hasn’t stopped drawling since.

Doors have opened. Doors to Government Ministers, green pretender corporates, la-la fashion design houses. Anyone who’s green is ganging for Franny Armstrong. It’s like she’s made it to the Moon and made a new giant leap for cinematic (wo)mankind.

I mean, anyone who can get Vivienne Westwood riding a bicycle (whilst wearing a trademark strange frock) must be stellar fame material.

Can she handle it ? The tender, gentle daughter of an eco-dynasty, shy and unforthcoming at the best of times, suddenly thrust into the rough-cut Media circus ?

Will she survive ? But more importantly, will her message survive ?

The Age of Stupid manages to inform without preaching (mostly), and drag your ideological pet theories kicking and screaming over the threshold to sanity.

But can the film lead you to life-affirming action ? Can it guide you to “voluntary lifestyle change”, and the important matter of organisational change wherever you find yourself : work, rest and play ?

And can the social movement suggested in the film (and promoted by the film’s wide-ranging support base) amount to anything ?

When the sitting Government is still stupid enough to consider signing through a new unabated coal-fired power station, I’m not sure that a social movement of any kind will make any dent at all.

Will this film generate hot air and moonshine ? Or will it deliver an imperative ?

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