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Climate Union : One Nation, Under Water

I’m in the Climate Union. Are you ?

Yesterday evening, I sat in an amazing discussion.

There were representatives from some of the UK’s best social movements, including environmental campaigns, faith communities and trades unions.

Part of a series of coalition talks, yesterday’s goal was to make progress on forming a united front on Climate Change. There are some politics to do.

Because, well, you know, it’s not just about Global Warming. It’s about Climate Change. And that will affect us all.

Financial damages from Climate Change will continue to erode the failing Economy. The least able and plain unlucky in Society will lose their jobs and their livelihoods, as resources are concentrated on holding up the basic economic infrastructure.

As the Weather gets the wilder, People will lose their homes, through repossession, or to the waves, if they get flooded out once too often.

Public services such as the Health Service will be affected. Our food and water supplies will be affected. Our ability to pay for fuel and Energy will be affected as the Low Carbon Transition takes place…

Last evening, people spoke about the various plans they have for local politics in the run-up to the Local and General Elections. We talked about how to organise non-partisan hustings and other kinds of meetings to question the prospective candidates. We talked about countering the “Sceptic Backlash” against Science, playing out in the Media, sometimes with journalists being co-opted; how facts are being warped, and views distorted.

We talked around the subject of creating an identity for the coalition, about whether we could find a common set of values, or a shared series of activities, or even just a flag to rally around. But we all agreed that we need to get on with what we are already doing and build the unity as we go along.

We are the people, and this is our Climate.

We have to suffer change, and we have to make changes.

Let’s take up our democratic responsibility, our obligations to our fellow citizens.

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