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Climate Camp G20 : Yes, but is it Art ?

“The Russian Revolution was accompanied by a remarkable period of artistic experiment known as Constructivism, which questioned the fundamental properties of art and asked what its place should be in a new society. The Constructivists…looked at how they could contribute to everyday life through design…”

So murmurs the small booklet handed out at Tate Modern to accompany the “Rodchenko & Popova” exposition galleria “Defining Constructivism”.

And it’s Big Art all over again in 2009 as we witness the construction of yet more Climate Camp settlements : the art of constructing the future right in your neighbourhood, down amongst the fading idiocy of what passes for modern “built environment”.

Prince Charles should be pleased with us : we’re taking architecture on, head on, and camping our way to a sustainable mode of community infrastructure.

Some 40% to 50% of all building Energy goes into heating, so we’re showing that we can “put more garb on, use less Carbon” as one of my dearest relations puts it.

“Insulation, insulation, insulation” is the way forward.

Some 10% to 15% of all building Energy goes into lighting, so we’re using sunlight and light emitting diodes (LEDs) to claw back on illumination emissions.

What ? Something that’s even more energy-efficient that energy efficient lightbulbs (compact fluorescents CFLs) ? Oh yes.

Some 25% to 30% of all personal Carbon Emissions are produced by transport, so we are demonstrating the Low Carbon alternatives to the Holy Car.

I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride it where I like.

Of course it’s art, writ large and real on the tarmacadam of the City of London.

Yes, you may feel liberated by living the Low Carbon future for a day/week/hour or so. Others may view you as revolutionary and may want to bang you up in a facility for the detention of persons.

Some people may not come to the G20 Climate Camp because they cannot bear the tension of the threat of incarceration. That’s OK. Climate Camp at home, then !

But think about it ! Whether you Climate Camp in central London, or on your own mud yard : you can be a Constructivist ! You can construct the future, here and now ! You can show everyone how the future will be realised, how it will come into real being.

When the Climate Refugees start arriving in large numbers, we will need to know how to build and maintain Very Low Carbon settlements. Come and learn how at the G20 Climate Camp !

When the state-sponsored property development programme completely runs out of steam, we will need to know how to house people in a low impact way. Come and learn how at the G20 Climate Camp !

When the water companies come under stress in the London region because of a shortage of rainfall, we will need to know how to build public conveniences that don’t use running water to flush. Come and learn how at the G20 Climate Camp !

When there are no more new films being made, no more new TV series being produced, and no more magazines will ever be printed again, we will need to know how to make our own art, design and entertainment. Come and learn how at the G20 Climate Camp !

Construct the future today (well, April 1st) !

I’d like to pass on some very good tips from Paul Mobbs for camping in
general, to encourage and hopefully enthuse people for this year’s
camping exploits :-

Climate Camp : Safety on Board

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