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Worthy Coventry Noises Off

Coventry is not the centre of the universe, but it has a meaningful cathedral with a poignant bombed-out cathedral ruin by its side.

But it’s not the centre of the political universe, nor even the media universe, so it seems a strange place to hold a premembrance burial service for the international victims of Climate Change.

What significance could Coventry hold, apart from being the seat of E.On, one of the biggest coal “babykiller” energy supplier corporates ?

Was Coventry chosen because Operation Noah was launched there ?

Or was Coventry dictated as the location, to deliberately obscure and belittle the message and the meaning of the day’s events ?

Dr James Hansen, you know, the NASA Scientist, was throwing flowers on the protest grave, along with luminaries of the State-condoned NGOs, including Christian Aid.

Actually, it was a pretty big thing to stage this protest – but the only people who seem to have heard about it are already in the Climate Change-focussed organisations.

So what was it all for, these noises off the main stage of political action ?

It was all very worthy, but who was listening ?

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