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Wind Turbines Give You Spots (3)

I haven’t noticed any of the major medical agencies coming out with statements of their own regarding Nina Pierpoint’s theories about the health disbenefits of wind turbines. That rather leads me to suspect there’s not much to this supposed problem that she documents :-

Climate Change Obamawatch

Glass Dome USA

Hands up, all of you who’ve seen The Simpsons Movie ?

[ I can hear choral singing in the background and see white clouds on a blue, blue sky; but it’s not the title sequence for the “propaganda” film “The Great Global Warming Swindle”. ]

Big Picture Climate Change Health Impacts Toxic Hazard

A Big Gear Change – Going Road-Electric Could Save Your Child’s Life

In my family, the children were always warned, “Don’t eat the blackberries growing near the road on your walk to school.” What they didn’t tell us, and we didn’t properly know until recently, was that the air pollution was much more dangerous to us than lead deposits in the dust on wayside foraging.