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Climate Change : Reality Report

You would have thought that people would be pulling together to get something done about Climate Change, but no. For example, whilst the UK Government Treasury and its Chancellor continue to fight a running battle with their Climate Change Department, the Prime Minister has just replaced a knowledgable Energy Minister (albeit with a Public Relations rather than an Engineering background) with somebody who seems to be against wind power – one of the only successfully deploying electricity technologies currently. And hired a relative of a rich and powerful Climate Change denier as Environment Minister.


On the other hand, Charles Hendry, the deposed Energy Minister was perhaps too convinced of the virtues of new nuclear power.

And the people clearly hate George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, so if David Cameron insists on holding on to him, I doubt the Coalition Government will last much longer.

The kind of fresh faces we need in governance are those who fully understand the twin crises of Climate Change and Energy Security – and when I say “fully understand”, I mean they are able to swat flies – avoid believing nonsense – and have strong intent for a truly low carbon economy.

Sadly, these talents will only come with education – and who in Government has time for that ? How long do we have to wait before leaders are properly apprised of the facts ?

One reply on “Climate Change : Reality Report”

You never cease to amaze Jo

Do you not think that the reason WHY the previous Energy Minister was “good” in your eyes is exactly BECAUSE they were schooled in “Public Relations” not science or engineering.

The hype and spin is causing the AGW Alarmism gravy train to come off the rails.

You need to step back look at the reality and have a rethink.

If yoi seriously think someone from a Public Relations (spin) background is what it takes to deal with the issues of the UK’s future energy needs – you will simply be left behind further than you have already.

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