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A Fairy Castle of Froth

Well, it would seem the wheels have definitely come off the Climate Change sceptic-denier trolley bus, and the passengers are raving, and metaphorically drowning in their own pus-riddled intellectual bile, judging by the spluttered, splattered comments I am receiving on this web log.

Wegman is going down (the anti-science, anti-Hockey Stick Wegman Report, you understand, not the man himself) – and I mean down; down to the depths of dissmissal and reproach, and scorn mountains will be heaped, and his “strange scholarship” will be ribbed and ridiculed and his assertions and claims fobbed off for ever more, it seems, by those whose opinions really count :-

“Turns out climate skeptics’ favorite report (the Wegman Report) might not be as scientific as Congressman Joe Barton claims…”

We’re talking pit-wise plumbing here, the nether reaches of the pile of tried-and-rejected hypotheses. We’re talking dearie-dearie-me, what a mess have we got here, then ? :-

Michael Mann was right. You, dear sceptic-deniers, are wrong. Even the Daily Mail newspaper says so, and don’t retort that, of course, the Daily Maelstrom is not exactly the Source of All Validity, and testily question why I trust the Daily Maul when it agrees with me, and not otherwise :-

“Influential climate change report ‘was copied from Wikipedia’ : By DAILY MAIL REPORTER : 23rd November 2010 : Research questioning the validity of global warming was copied from Wikipedia and textbooks, it has been claimed. A report by statistician Edward Wegman criticised earlier research led by scientist Michael Mann that said global temperatures were highest in the last century than the previous 1,000 years. But according to plagiarism experts, ‘significant’ sections of the 91-page report were lifted from ‘textbooks, Wikipedia and the writings of one of the scientists criticised in the report’…”

You can take or leave your truth universe, and the Daily Mall certainly does that, but I’ll stick with the data, thanks, the hard-won, carefully-kept, un-fudged, un-compromised actual measurements…

What does it all mean ?

It means that Climate Change is real, it’s happening now, the scientists who are part of the United Nations consensus are right, that burning fossil fuels is definitely a big, big problem, that we are all in trouble, as a species and as part of the wider biosphere, that somehow, very soon, we have to cap and control greenhouse gas emissions, and bring them down sharply, or the grandchildren can forget a decent habitat.

Do you want your grandchildren to be deprived of decent homes, decent livelihoods and a decent quality of life ? Or do you want to invest in the future ?

One Million Climate Jobs, Now ! Better still, make that 500 Million Climate Jobs :-

Anybody who tells you the Earth is not warming, and the Arctic Ice Cap is not melting before our very satellite viewing sensors is just building a mountain of spittle and froth – a fairy castle of vindictive fakery.

You have been blowing bubbles, you sceptics and deniers – and the bubble edifice has now irreparably, irrevocably burst. Watch out for falling drips of vitriolic slime and saliva – your own, of course !

2 replies on “A Fairy Castle of Froth”

Dear Jo,
You really ought to get back on your medication as soon as possible.
Take a nice long vacation, somewhere tropical, which means it will be warm.
Somewhere remote from the UK, so you’ll be flying on a jet plane.
It’s OK, so long as you buy carbon offsets –
Al Gore says so.
Get well soon.
Best wishes,

Wow! The words desperation and unhinged spring to mind. I don’t normally like being too personal but when I read what you’ve just written, I just can’t get that scene where Basil Fawlty batters his recalcitrant car with a branch out of my head.

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