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Climate Science Rapid Response Team

Well, it has a different name than the one I suggested (CURRU – the Climate Unscience Rapid Response Unit), but it’s essentially the same thing – a fast-acting scientific response to your Climate Change questions :-

Whether you are a tired journalist late at night trying to piece together the jigsaw that is a Press Release to make some kind of news briefing out of it, or a tired scientist wanting to report a media failing in Climate Change communications, this is the service you need.

The Climate Science Rapid Response Team are the people you go to to confirm or deny the significance (statistical or otherwise) of new research papers, who, if you’re in the role of lawmaker or politician, the people you can approach to iron out your mental wrinkles of confusion.

We will take back trust in Science. We will restore the train engine to the front of the carriages – Climate Change science is going places – on track and at speed.

Join us.

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it is impossible to “restore the train engine to the front of the carriages” – because the gravy train is derailed.

No one believes the simplistic alarmist models anymore.

You alarmists can no longer expect the wide eyed open mouthed acceptance of the crap science.

It is over.

Get over it.

Move on.

Only a few saddos like you wish the Catastrophe was true, and as for the politicians they just see a chance for more taxes.

Cancun will be a disaster for the AGW advocates because more an more true scientists (i.e NOT advocates) are coming forward to confirm that the models are too simplistic. Heck – even Prof Jones has confirmed no warming since 1995 and now Prof Mike Hulme from the CRU has said –

“The events of the past year have finally buried the notion that scientific predictions about future climate change can be certain or precise enough to force global policy-making.”

Meanwhile not just in the UK but in Europe the AGW gravy train is off the rails as well.

“Der Standard” reports that a Dr. Brandt made the following comments at a press conference with other climatologists, who say modellers just do not take lots of factors like solar activity and ocean currents into account, and overestimate CO2′s impact. In summary, Dr Brandt is calling the models hopelessly simplistic and useless.

Der Standard writes:

“For example, measurement stations in the Antarctic, or also in the Atlantic, have recorded falling temperatures over the last 10 years. Those with the greatest interest are the politicians, and their scientists who are funded by billions. If they ever admitted there is no climate change, they would make themselves redundant.”

Sceptics of the calamitous assumptions some advocates of AGW try to force feed us have known this for a while of course. Dr. Brandt has been very critical of the science underpinning the AGW theory. Brandt goes on to say

“It is simply nonsense. These prognoses are not worth the paper they’re printed on. The Gulf Stream has an impact on European weather that is 100 times larger than CO2.”

So Climatscientists in Cancun will be forced to increasingly defend their earth-warming models against mounting criticism.

“We just know way too little about the various factors that influence climate and cannot possibly make any reliable prognoses”

– says the managing director of and climatologist Karsten Brandt. is a private and successful weather forecasting service in Germany.

All the spin doctoring in the world Jo, will not get the falsehood, the lies, the spin and the dodgy dossiers back on the track you alarmists want. The “truth train” is well on the way to its destination – and has left you advocates in its wake.

Dear Jo,
‘Climate Change Science’ isn’t going anywhere – it’s running out of steam.
We cannot trust ‘Climate Scientists’ to give us the truth – they just make stuff up.
How else to justify their own ‘careers’!
Luckily, the general population are waking up to the full scale of this fraud and in a few years time, you and your type of ‘activist’ will have moved on to nagging us about some other imaginary problem.
Of course, you could always get yourself a proper job?
Don’t fancy that?


Can you say who the members of the team are so that we can judge if they are likely to be independent or fully-paid up alarmists like yourself? I’m guessing the latter.

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