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Go Beyond Oil

“Protesters condemn ‘dirty oil’ at World Energy Congress : (AFP) : 14 September 2010 : MONTREAL — Hundreds of protesters demonstrated in the streets of Montreal Sunday, calling for an end to “dirty, risky” oil exploration, ahead of a global gathering of energy experts. A dozen protesters covered in molasses staged a “Black Tide Beach Party,” while dozens of others carried banners that read “Too dirty, too risky, go beyond oil.” A blond baby boy smeared in brown sticky molasses wailed in his activist father’s arms, while protesters used megaphones to slam the provincial Quebec government of Jean Charest for inviting oil companies to the five-day World Energy Congress at the sprawling Palais de Congres. Some 5,000 participants from industry, government and academia, were expected to attend the conference, slated to officially open Sunday evening. The event is expected to tackle global energy issues, such as improving access to energy in the world’s poorer regions and the role of new technologies in ensuring a sustainable energy future. Many protesters directed their anger at BP over a devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this year. But Julien Vincent, a campaigner for Greenpeace International, said BP was only part of the problem. “British Petroleum is one part of a big industry that’s got an abysmal safety record and an abysmal record in terms of its obligations toward protecting communities,” he told AFP. “You also have oil from Shell dripping out over Nigeria right now. You have oil spills that have taken place in China that have flooded ports,” he added. “The entire industry needs to be told to sit back and listen up.” …”

“About Go Beyond Oil : Go Beyond Oil is a call to action. It’s a response to the BP oil spill and the prospect of rising global temperatures. It’s also necessary, if we want to have healthy lives and a healthy planet we’ve got to get ourselves off oil. It’s a journey that’s already started, but we need you to join us if we are going to get the world off oil. The BP spill in the Gulf was a wake up call for many people, now we must take this opportunity to put an end to our oil addiction which is poisoning our oceans, our lands, the air we breathe as well as destroying our climate. This is a massive challenge. Oil is a part of all our lives and the oil industry makes huge profits from our dependency on it. Oil companies are going to extremes and taking ever greater risks to squeeze the planet of its oil all the while they’re blocking the solutions that would free us from fossil fuels. The technologies already exist to wean the world off oil and we all deserve a future free of pollution – it s our choice and we can move beyond oil if we want to. It won’t be easy, but we know what needs to be done – we need to stop risky oil exploration, end subsidies for the oil industry and invest in clean energy. There will be many trials along the way as we remove the barriers to clean energy – that’s why we need your help…”

Got oil in your pension? from Greenpeace UK on Vimeo.

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