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BP : Oily Hands On The Arts



The Gulf of Mexico just now is no oil painting, and it’s costing BP in share price and reputation.

Just how much do BP care about Nature, about life, about humanity ? The answer can be found, perhaps, in their liberal sponsorship of the Arts :-

Criticised by some as a blatant attempt to court public favour and tacit acceptance, BP have continued to financially support the Tate Britain gallery :-

It is a statement of the most culturally sensitive kind. Yet, the key question in my mind is : will they be able to continue to afford this, what with their excessive liabilities in the Gulf of Mexico ?

One group supportive of BP’s financial health have launched a new project, called “Liberate Tate”, hoping to garner alternative funds for the Arts so that BP can gracefully bow out :-

A screening of some important documentary work followed by serious discussion amongst art lovers will be held this Thursday in London :-

For those interested in taking part in the debate, please e-mail “Art Not Oil” at info [at]

“Gulf of Mexico response…BP is helping…”

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