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Renewable Synergy

The news is that there is continuing progress towards a fully Renewable Europe. It is, after all, the only means to ensure a sustainable Economy into the future, given the twin blended threats of Climate Change Carbon Mitigation and Peak Fossil Fuels.

Dr Gregor Czisch’s meisterwerk is being translated into English for publication this Summer :-

Scenarios for a Future Electricity Supply: Cost-Optimised Variations on Supplying Europe and Its Neighbours with Electricity from Renewable Energies

You would never know from the plainspeaking title just how exciting this is : seriously cheap Energy and peacemaking collaboration all in one shot !

The management consultants PriceWaterhouseCooper (couldn’t they think of a more speakable name ?), have just published their own view on Europe and North Africa combining to provide a one hundred percent renewable Energy solution :-

Mark Delucchi (one half of the “two Marks” Jacobson and Delucchi) is coming to London, England for a presentation on Zero Carbon Transport Futures in May :-

Meanwhile, investors crowd into the DESERTEC project :-

And of course, the Centre for Alternative Technology will be launching Zero Carbon Britain 2030 in June 2010 :-

Britain could be a Renewable “Titan” :-

There’s money in them there sloshing waves and swirling winds :-

There’s a remarkable amount of synergy going on with all the moves towards Renewables.

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Renewable energy is the future, why depend on fossil fuels when we can go renewable…`

renewable energy should be developed more coz fossil fuels are not good in the long term~'”

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