Climate Change Media Toxic Hazard

Phil Jones : My Hero

Phil Jones – untarnished, innocent, heroic. Clean as a recently, cleanly, cleaned clean whistle.

The Media are beside themselves. No longer do they have a public victim to hold up, for us to mourn. No longer can they build the case for Phil Jones as scapegoat. No longer than they dangle Phil Jones out over the evil toothy fishes from the end of the sweating, shaking, rickety gang plank.

The Guardian’s Fred Pearce says that Phil Jones has been made a “fall guy”. Well, who precisely made him so ? Why (quite probably) Fred Pearce, of course (and his Guardian chum, George Monbiot, a pair I am in future going to refer to as “Fred and Ginger”) :-

With Phil Jones exonerated, and not dishonoured, surely we, as a collective Society, can stop persecuting him in the Tabloids and the fastnet Media ?

But with Phil Jones packed off back to his desk and data probably, where he should have been all along, on what can we hook the Climate Change narrative ? Where’s the tragedy nowadays ? On what can we build a story ?

Why don’t the Media start researching the history of the behaviour of the Climate Change denier-sceptic-obstructers ?

How they snatch personal documents and mangle them ?
How they hack into peoples’ websites and bring them down ?
How they are motivated by insane narratives ?
How they are bitter and twisted, or just plain ignorant ?
How some of them are funded by investment firms, and some by Oil and Gas majors, and some by mining companies ?
And why were they allowed to punch a massive crater into the public confidence in Science, dragging the Media with them into their destructive black hole of lies and disinformation ?

Come on, Mr and Ms Media Person, start some heavy introspection, and leave the Scientists alone to get on with the Science.

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