Big Picture Climate Change Meltdown

Read all about it ! End of the World edition !

Calling all dudes. Calling all honeys. Come and hand out London’s brightest and brashest free newspaper, and give the paid ones a seeing to in the process.

Dudes, remember the glory days of old, handing out trillions of arch and angry political leafletry stamped with cardinal colour logos and smeared with carbon black ?

Bring back those golden, sunny hours of innocent street flirting and lung-gurgling puffs of the harshest baccy, calling out around the world, are you ready for a brand new ideological heartbeat ?

Come with us, down to the City of London, and push out the folded, crisply inked, light propaganda, to denizens and citizens and homeless street sleepers, sweepers and crawly-creepers.

Down to the smoking Wall and industrial Wapping and the Street that is Fleet, shadows blown away, coffee coursing through the Statin-controlled veins.

And be a part of the New Day, the Great Chortle of the Dawn of Earth-positive consciousness, amongst bankers and bullies, merchants and meanies, illegal office cleaners, underpaid students, stressed-out young graduates, everyone : all of us together under the threat of Total Meltdown.

For, the Earth is changing, and changing fast, and everything has got to shape up and shift out. The institutions and assumptions of old will be blown away in the morning mist, and all, believe me, will become crystal clear.

It’s on Friday 27th March, from dawn to lunch. Bring a rucksack, walkable footwear and a great big smile. And the drinks will be on us.

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