Climate Change

Reclaim the Sheets – the Real Story so far

It was a tale of intrigue, passion and suspicion, that ended with a slap in the face for journalism today.

The architects of Reclaim the Sheets were young. They were frisky. And they were disgruntled.

Shrouded in secrecy and suspense, their first meeting was in a dank, dusty railway arch bar at Waterloo train station.

They talked about Climate Change, conspiracy, creative writing and their personal choice in cocoa-based stimulants.

“Let’s publish a newspaper ! Let’s centre all the news on Energy and Climate Change ! Let’s call it The Daily Planet !”

“What we really need is a website, some viral marketing videos and some snazzy babes of various genders.”

And so the debate slurped on, into the night, as the rumble of the iron horses overhead vibrated their souls, and their skinny lattes shivered, palpably.

We think that the mainstream Media is not terribly good at reporting on Climate Change. It’s all in fits and starts, and there’s no timeline, and the science stories get frequently mangled because the reporters don’t understand the full implications of what is being said.

Climate Change is the defining crisis of our lives, and it should have pride of place in every print organ, newsblog and telly show. It impacts Economy, Environment, our ability to buy food to eat. It causes death, migration, upheaval.

Guys (and Gals), we have a crisis on our hands. Our only possible response ? Satire.

Watch out for our free newspaper this week in London, or download it for free at a slightly later future date.

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