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The Man on the Clapham Omnibus – He Say “Yargh”

LONDON 22:30 – The Man on the Clapham Omnibus reacted strongly to a chickpea curry he ate at lunchtime today. At hand to assist with his sufferings was a comfortably recognisable news sheet.

But all was not as it seemed. This publication was no ordinary newspaper, oh no. This was from a print run far, far away, way into the future, in fact. From 2020, in fact.

It had somehow wormed its way down a wormhole of negatively running time, and landed with a crinkled crumple on the fast-food-remains-encrusted floor of the upper deck of the 77 Bus.

With hindsight, of course, The Man would not have eaten that particular spiced meal, and this World would have set a Carbon Cap in stone, saving the icecaps, and saving us from the fire of Global Warming.

And that newspaper could have fluttered into the consciousness of The Man, and he could have taken A Stand against Climate Change. He could have become Not Stupid.

If you want to help us distribute a copy of that same publication to the impoverished minds of the London nouveau-poor in their financial and environmental precarity, then do contact us on 07779 792 675 to get on the list, or e-mail to Sign Up for duty.

You get to wake up at Stupid O’Clock on the morning of Friday 27th March 2009, work for a few hours giving away the future of news, and then relax with a FREE BEER.

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