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Ice Age of Stupid

Ouch ! I can feel the pain from the stinging reviews, even from this safe distance !

The film “The Age of Stupid” has free-minded, liberal, tolerant film reviewers and social commentators reaching for their ice picks.

Apparently, the film is a “hecture”, a hectoring lecture, according to The Observer :-

And David Cox pulls out all his nauseating stops by damning it a “conceit” in The Guardian :-

BBC sofa’d lefties and bitter old revolutionaries call it everything except wise :-

Even the popular Science magazine New Scientist dims it with faint praise “worthy, though not riveting” :-

And the commentary from Down Under just resorts to calling it “stupid” :-

The point these brown-cordoroyed fellows (and some lasses) gloss over is that the documentary “The Age of Stupid” features people who are highly conflicted, in an effort to show the viewer that we are all living with compromise.

Yes, the narration and the graphics seem like a lecture in the classroom, but the filmed interviews themselves show that the reality for many people, even if they’re aware of the science, is unresolved.

It is not propaganda or dogma interwoven with human interest. It’s not preaching to the converted. And it’s not shouting down your opponent.

The Age of Stupid is much more intelligent than the analysis so far.

You should see the film and judge for yourself : are you informed, enlightened or preached at ?

After decades of denial, the truth can seem like a Southern Baptist Missionary drive, but the last thing we want to do is ram it down your throat.

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