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Taking TEPCO at their word

If we take TEPCO at their word, either Units 1, 2, 3 emitted Chernobyl-scale radioactive Iodine gas on explosion (that somehow fell through the roof of Unit 4), or there’s been a fission reaction in Unit 4 fuel pond – neither of which is an entertaining, uplifting prospect.

Peter Sinclair at Climate Crocks is keeping tabs on all things Fukushima :-

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Sensational Japan Climate Change

Professor Mimura’s interview 1 of 3 from UNUChannel on Vimeo.

Climate Change costs in Japan are going to be “sensational”, and worse if storms become more violent.

That could well happen :-

“Supertyphoons to Strike Japan Due to Global Warming : Julian Ryall in Tokyo, Japan : for National Geographic News : September 25, 2009 : Increasingly powerful “supertyphoons” will strike Japan if global warming continues to affect weather patterns in the western Pacific Ocean, scientists say. Supercomputer simulations show there will be more typhoons with winds of 179 miles (288 kilometers) per hour—considered an F3 on the five-level Fujita Scale—by 2074…”