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Sustainable Future for Education

Today, I’m going to talk to you about education, and no, it’s not about the ongoing “Texas textbook massacre”, where they want to teach children about “alternatives” to the Theory of Global Warming :-

Climate Change

What Do I Know ?

Image Credit : David Archer

There’s been a spate of general ignorance in parts of the Press of late – people pleading the Fifth Amendment – claiming they don’t know enough about Global Warming, so they can’t possibly be expected to utter expertise or erudite commentary (which could get them into deep water). And yet they end up making a judgment anyway, or quoting Climate Change deniers without checking their facts. Here’s a few snippets :-

“…My own response is to assume both sides are capable of twisting the facts. This is not based on scientific knowledge of climate change, since like almost everyone else I don’t have any…”

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Back to School

Image Credit : Des Gould

After my careers in engineering and information technology, I went back to university today, to train for my third career, in sustainable development.

Like most of the other people enrolling on the course, I want a green job, and I’m prepared to study for it.

The only future for the economy is in clean energy and saved energy, Renewables and Conservation, and I want to be in there, doing something productive and practical.