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Sustainable Future for Education

Today, I’m going to talk to you about education, and no, it’s not about the ongoing “Texas textbook massacre”, where they want to teach children about “alternatives” to the Theory of Global Warming :-

In order to teach the denialist “alternatives”, the School Boards will logically have to prevent instruction about the sciences of geology, cosmology, physics, chemistry and the discipline of mathematics, which all back up the Theory of Global Warming; just like they will eventually have to bar education in biology and geology, since they backs up the various Theories of Evolution. But that’s another topic…

Today’s topic is the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) and its Wales Institute for Sustainable Education (WISE).

They’ve been building a fabulous new sustainable education centre for the education of sustainability, but they’ve run into a little bit of bother with a construction company, who originally said “Yes We Can”, but then got sunk during the mini-recession, leaving CAT with a fantastic bill and some structural problems.

If you have any spare funds at all and you believe in education for a sustainable future, please make a donation to help rescue this amazing project :-

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