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Climategate : George Monbiot Fights Back

George Monbiot recounts the Climategate affair with wit, verve and gusto; and then proceeds to suggest a sharp technique for making a fightback against public lying in the Media. Useful if you happen to be trapped in a television studio with a billion watts of stage lighting shining menacingly right down on you. It’s time that every Climate Change Scientist had their own personal Public Relations manager; because somehow the academic community have to keep the messaging Media-savvy. Seen enough geeks turn into dorks in the Press. Need to see a change.

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Wood for Trees : Truth for Emails

It’s no joke that the United Nations in Copenhagen for the Climate talks, the world’s most important meeting for years, gets undermined by criminal activity and a mass propaganda exercise. I’m talking about “Climategate” of course : hacking in to an institution’s computer to steal e-mails and then stringing out an entirely falsifiable narrative on the basis of some frustrated and chance remarks in over ten years of private exchanges is criminal and would be considered malpractice and illegal in any court considering malicious intent and inappropriate appropriation.

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Shocking News : I Agree With James Delingpole

Well, I agree with parts of a couple of paragraphs. Got you looking, though, didn’t it ?

Delingpole writes : “Copenhagen never really had anything to do with “Climate Change”. Rather it was a trough-fest at which all the world’s greediest pigs gathered to gobble up as much of your money and my money as they possibly could, under the righteous-sounding pretence that they were saving the planet.”

I think that he’s partially on the right track : for many, many people, Climate Change is something they can make money from. Creating a commodity from a previously unvalued polluting gas, creating positive value from a negative waste product, is only going to lead to the massive-est market on Earth. And we all know who’s going to gain from that Carbon Trade, don’t we ? Not you and me, that’s for sure.

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Hacking The Climate Swiftboating

NEW WEBSITE ! MUST SEE ! The Comeback Real Fightback Truth about Climategate ! :-

ASTONISHING ! REVELATION ! Climate Scientists happily share data ! :-

INCREDIBLE ! EXPLOSIVE ! The “noughties” have been the hottest decade on record ! :-

SCANDAL OF THE WEEK ! Sarah Palin gets press coverage for her views on Global Warming ! :-

Enough of the alerts. Now on to the chewy substance of this posting. If you’re not an American, the term “swiftboating” will probably mean zilch (zero) to you, so you might want to ask the Internet before we continue with our discussion.

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Climategate : The Great Global Warming Hoax

The machinations of the “Climategate” scandal are continuing to graunch gears and spit out fascinating tidbits of investigative rumour, intrigue and quite possibly conspiracy, too :-

“Was Russian secret service behind leak of climate-change emails? FSB accused of paying hackers to discredit scientists after stolen correspondence traced to server in Siberia : By Shaun Walker : Monday, 7 December 2009”

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The Network of Factuality

Visualizing the East Anglia Climate Research Unit Leaked Email Network from Michael J Bommarito II on Vimeo.

I found this vimeo video on a webpage describing a Climate Change sceptic’s attempts to get data from NASA using Freedom of Information requests :-

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Show Us Your Emails

Now, I believe in fairness, fair play and being a good sort, a good sport.

And so for that reason, I’ve been toying with the idea of suggesting that if you’ve been in email contact with a Climate Change denier, and you think the information exchanged would be interesting to others, to post that email correspondence here in a comment.

Truth is, I’m intrigued to know what Climate Change deniers (or “sceptics”) say to each other in private correspondence, and how it is that they have managed to coordinate over the “Climategate” affair when they are in different countries. I’m guessing it’s all been done by email, of course, so I would be interested to read what they’ve been saying to each other.