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Wood for Trees : Truth for Emails

It’s no joke that the United Nations in Copenhagen for the Climate talks, the world’s most important meeting for years, gets undermined by criminal activity and a mass propaganda exercise. I’m talking about “Climategate” of course : hacking in to an institution’s computer to steal e-mails and then stringing out an entirely falsifiable narrative on the basis of some frustrated and chance remarks in over ten years of private exchanges is criminal and would be considered malpractice and illegal in any court considering malicious intent and inappropriate appropriation.

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The fact that hardly anyone, on either side of the ‘debate’, knows what it says in all these e-mails doesn’t seem to matter – the damage has been done in the public thinking on climate science. It does seem to me that a direct line by line response, to all the allegations made by climate deniers who mine these e-mails, is required to clear the air. But who can be bothered to look through a load of old e-mails? Its a lot less work if you’re looking for tasty lines to quote out of context, than if you’re trying to get the whole picture of what’s actually being said.

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