Renewable Gas in the UK

Although variability in Renewable Electricity generation is a real issue, it’s not a huge one, according to recent reports, that from the International Energy Agency (IEA) “Harnessing Variable Renewables” among them :-

Even so, there is a need to improve cheap methods of energy storage – and one of the simplest ways to increase capacity in this area is to produce Renewable Gas – which can be stored as easily as Natural Gas.

Not only could Renewable Gas be useful for energy storage, it could also bridge the “coal gap” and provide for stable levels of electricity production even as coal-fired power plants have to be closed down due to emissions reduction commitments.

And all this without building any new Nuclear Power reactors !

Here’s a recent essay I composed on the subject of Renewable Gas and its potential in the United Kingdom :-

Renewable Gas in the UK : Essay
Renewable Gas in the UK : Appendix (Zoom In !)
Renewable Gas in the UK : References

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