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What we have here is a failure to regulate

What have we learned about Nuclear Power in the last month or so ?

That freak weather events can knock out plants :-

That, even if the weather stays clement, that Nuclear Power plants can experience unplanned outage :-

That Nuclear Power contracts are big business :-

That people are unhappy about the extensions to already old reactors :-

That Nuclear Power accidents are expensive to clean up and can enforce permanent evacuation of people from their homes, towns and land :-

That Nuclear Power accidents keep happening :-

That Nuclear Power “near misses” keep happening :-

That some Nuclear Power plants are constantly experiencing problems :-

That some countries with Nuclear Power plants do not appear able to learn from experience :-

That the chance of malfunction does not diminish with the age of the operation :-

That strange incidents keep happening at Nuclear Power plants :-
“Screwdriver identified as cause of halting nuclear power plant in S Korea…Yeonggwang…”

That safety hazards continue to present themselves :-
“Report hints at problems with nuclear plant control rods at Monticello…”

That the United States of America couples diplomacy with Nuclear Power sales and compromises regulatory activity :-

That citizen groups are actively demanding the cessation of Nuclear Power :-

That Chernobyl is still a threat to Europe :-

It’s not over ’til it’s over (and could keep the world’s economy depressed) :-

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