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Rajendra Pachauri Must Stay !

Dr Rajendra Pachauri, you know, he’s like everybody’s grandfather.

Some report he’s a bit irritating, awkward, even, but that’s only when he has to respond to deliberately riling Media questions and smear campaigns.

His heart’s in the right place, he’s good at motivating people, he can see the big picture, he’s actually a very good communicator, and he’s done a lot to take the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change forward.

That’s no reason for various voices in the Media to start a new round of calling for his head. “Resign !” cry the so-called “libertarian” commentators, those voices that perversely reason that if Pachauri resigns, or gets tipped out, that it will set the IPCC back five years.

What we desperately need now is stability in the organisation of the IPCC – the Fifth Assessment Report will be monumental enough without the organisation having to adapt to a new leader that needs to learn how to corral everybody into good and productive working relationships.

The delayers, obstructers and deniers only want one thing when they tell Dr Pachauri to resign – they want to stop the progress of forming stronger consensus and clearer combined evidence on Climate Change. They don’t care whether Rajendra Pachauri has been effective or not in his role – all they care about it disrupting the work of the IPCC. This is totally faked concern.

Rajendra Pachauri must stay !

“Rajendra Pachauri: IPCC chief under scrutiny : by Staff Writers : New Delhi (AFP) Aug 30, 2010 : Rajendra Pachauri, under scrutiny as head of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is a 69-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner with a sideline in writing steamy novels. Pachauri, a father-of-three with friends in high places in his native India, learnt the results Monday of a five-month review of how the IPCC has performed under his stewardship…”

“Steamy novels” ? Written by a conservative Indian engineer ? Probably a little less decorum than Miss Marple, but not much !

“Pressure mounting for Rajendra Pachauri to resign as IPCC head : Pressure is mounting for Rajendra Pachauri to resign as head of the UN climate change panel over fears that his increasingly troubled tenure is hampering efforts to halt global warming. : By Heidi Blake : Published: 9:21AM BST 23 Sep 2010…”

Where is that fictitious “pressure mounting” ? Is it only the Media who voice this idea ? No, it seems that journalists have been canvassing a right-wing politician and a values-focussed social scientist :-

“23 September 2010 : Last updated at 18:13 : UN climate chief resignation call : By Roger Harrabin : Environment analyst, BBC News : Several environmentalists, UK MPs and scientists has called for the resignation of Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the UN’s climate science body. Dr Pachauri, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has in the past been criticised by climate “sceptics”. They have claimed that some of his comments had become politicised. Pressure increased recently when a report recommended that IPCC chairs serve only a single term of office. Dr Pachauri has yet to comment on the matter. The IPCC chair is into his second term and several leading scientists and green thinkers contacted by BBC News say he should quit now. The list includes Tim Yeo, chairman of the all-party Commons Climate and Energy Committee and Mike Hulme a former IPCC lead author. Mr Yeo told BBC News: “Dr Pachauri has become a liability – he is now causing more harm than good. Climate science needs a guarantee of utmost reliability, and Dr Pachauri can no longer guarantee that. It would be as well if he stepped aside.” Professor Hulme said: “Whatever merit his leadership of IPCC has had in the past, Dr Pachauri is unfortunately now associated with controversy and error in the IPCC AR4. As clearly implied by the IAC Review, a new chair for AR5 would bring fresh vitality and a new respect to the IPCC.” …”

Roger Harrabin types, “Dr Pachauri has yet to comment on the matter”, but I believe he is mistaken :-

Enough of this scurrilous nonsense of calling for his resignation – Pachauri must stay to hold everything together !

One reply on “Rajendra Pachauri Must Stay !”

Salute this man! Pachauri did what no climate sceptic is able to do. A Trojan Horse that destroyed the IPCC from the inside.

If Pachauri did not exist, we climate sceptics would have had to literally invent him. He is in fact every sceptic’s dream. How could we have asked for more when he embodies the UN Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in all completeness? Interestingly, he also strongly epitomizes the typical climate activist and their organizations that they are attached. Did he mould both in his image or its vice versa is however for history to judge.

Next month 194 governments of the IPCC are scheduled to meet in Busan, South Korea. This is where a plot to ouster Pachuari could be unleashed. Pachuari remains defiant: “At the moment, my mandate is very clear. I have to complete the fifth assessment” The Indian Government who Pachuari is their candidate is equally defiant, backing him to the hilt. If Pachauri goes, we leave the IPCC! And if India leaves the IPCC, it can trigger an exodus.

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