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Roger Harrabin : Potentially Alarming

I have been rather, erm, critical, of Roger Harrabin’s approach to reporting the “Climate Change narrative” in the past, but I have to say, I think he has pulled up his socks somewhat with a two-part Radio 4 presentation “Uncertain Climate” :-

But of course, the BBC has to keep people sweet, and obviously continues to “play both sides”, don’t they ? How else did Roger get to interview Steve McIntyre of the truly annoying Canadian whine (it’s not his fault, I have to add, that I find his voice unbearable) and Nigel Lawson ? And Judith Curry ?

Or maybe not. Roger Harrabin admits to a stand-up row with Al Gore. Hopefully he’s still welcome in the United States of America.

There seem to be about 50 mentions of the word “uncertainties”, and an obsession about temperature rise projections – with no focus on the melting Arctic – which is not at all uncertain as it is a demonstrable fact.

Wake up ! The Arctic’s melting !

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Hi Jo

I have been challenging deniers (Watts, Peiser, and now McIntyre) to set out the testable hypothesis that underlines their position. Watts dodged, and Peiser was unable to produce an hypothesis.

The point is, if they have no such testable hypothesis, their position is not scientific.

It enables us to focus on their position, avoiding all the smoke and mirrors.

Would you care to join me in the fun?
Summary here:



Hi Richard,

I’m a little tied up at the moment with energy issues, but I’m sure Carbon Brief would be interested in joining in with your (South) Western fun :-

They are the “rapid rebuttal response force” of first resort these days…


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