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Flogging a Dead Non-Scandal

Despite the fact that Robin McKie killed off Climategate on 1st August 2010 in his article for The Observer (thankfully, Will Hutton was away, allowing Robin McKie to venge forcefully) :-

it seems that the Climate Change deniers simply cannot let go of the dead story and bury it. Benny Peiser of the adroitly named “Global Warming Policy Foundation” (suggested motto “We want policies to guarantee Climate chaos” ?), is to publish a report at the end of the month written by Andrew Montford, of Bishop Hill web log fame :-

Sorry to say, but this will be a “we told you so” affair :-

1. We told you so here first – it will be roundly criticised by those who are expert in the subjects of Climate Change and environmental policy.

2. We told you so here first – it will contain a number of significant Scientific claims that will not stand up to close scrutiny.

3. We told you so here first – it will sell.

4. We told you so here first – Nigel Lawson will do another round of TV and radio interviews.

5. We told you so here first – Benny Peiser will have to help Andrew Montford out by joining him on chat shows.

6. We told you so here first – the whole show will be upstaged and uptipped by the United Nations Inter-Academy Council report on the workings of the IPCC :-

and quite possibly the new Royal Society on Climate Change Science, too :-

7. We told you so here first – the world’s media will run after the deniers for opinion, because it sells copy and airtime.

8. We told you so here first – major and unprecedented extreme weather events will continue to break records the world over during the rest of 2010. Why is this all happening ? Couldn’t have something to do with Global Warming, by any chance, could it ?

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