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Fossil Fuels versus Corn Ethanol

So, digging up dirty old decaying fish causes massive coastland and marine pollution. Would bioethanol from corn be better ?

Not really. First there’s the amount of land required to grow all that corn to burn in all those tanks (see diagram at top of page).

Then, there’s the competition between food and fuel that that will generate.

Then there’s the continued hazard from airborne particulates that you get from burning anything in infernal, I mean, internal combustion engines :-

And last, and by no means least, Corn Ethanol production would keep Archer Daniels Midland in business, and that would mean they would own not only a large proportion of all American intensively-farmed food production, but also a significant proportion of all American vehicle transportation fuel creation. Bit too big a company, I think, and still grasping for handouts :-

No, the only future for cars is zero combustion : renewable electricity-powered transportation is definitely the best future :-

Zero emissions, boys. Zero emissions.

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