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Earthy Hour 2010

My Earth Hour day.

10:00 – Do some research about the failings of the international strategy for Carbon Trading. Make a few telephone calls. Type a few electronic mails.

13:00 – Cook a fantastic vegan korma curry for lunch.

17:30 – Turn off the freezer, the refrigerator, the telephones and the computer kit in preparation for Earth Hour. The natural gas central heating has only been on for a couple of hours this week. Its default position is off. There is no longer a television here. The place is strangely, yet comfortingly, silent and still.

19:30 – Watch the film “In Transition 1.0” with friends in a makeshift cinema with a DVD projector and a white sheet screen. Then watched a trailer for Aubrey Meyer’s “Promise” film. The Global Commons Institute is just down the road from here.

20:40 – Turn out the equipment, turn out the lights, and fire up the candles. Look ! There in the cloudless sky is the nearly full moon. How wonderful ! Started telling each other stories, of Spring, and seeds and plantings, of burgeoning plants, of makings and doings, of music, ice skating, children’s parties, family sagas, the accidental deaths of small creatures, travel tales, food tales. You know, in China, they eat donkey. And it’s delicious.

21:50 – Turn on the porch light.

22:50 – Turn on the refrigerator and the telephones and the computer kit. The freezer stays off. It’s nearly empty anyway. It’s no longer really in use by anybody. We’ll eat the leftovers tomorrow. Or compost them as appropriate.

23:10 – Suddenly remember that the clocks go forward tonight.

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