Climate Union

I’m in the Climate Union. Are you ?

Finally, I have to admit that I have an personal stake in the outcomes of Climate Change and Energy policy.

I have to confess to a utilitarian, yet enlightened, self-interest.

And so say all of us.

In the future, I want there to be jobs. New jobs, for young and old, for me. Productive, worthwhile employment, green jobs that don’t permanently wreck the atmosphere for future generations.

When I get sick, unabled or old, I want there to be social services. Not run on a shoestring budget owing to Carbon Taxes or Carbon Trading, but Low Carbon hospitals with well-motivated, sufficient staff; and decent, affordable sheltered housing and residential homes for the vulnerable.

I want cheap, Zero Carbon Energy; as access to Energy is an essential public good, even a human right, for those who live towards the Poles. I don’t want to be made poor by a badly managed transition out of Fossil Fuels, or expensive Carbon Capture projects that the State pays for, because Electricity generation companies want to burn dirty Coal. I don’t want to have to pay double for my power, just because new Nuclear Power stations cost so much to build.

I want there to be very well-insulated affordable homes for everyone.

I want the United Kingdom to grow most of its own food.

I want my country to use BioMethane for fuel and domestic Energy.

I want to be able to ride my bicycle everywhere, safely.

I want to live in peace and not be forced to live through a conflict over global Energy resources.

I want wind farms, tidal farms, electric buses and taxis.

I want Climate Justice and I want Transition and I want it to start with me.

I’m part of the Climate Union. Will you join us ?

Here are some of the organisations taking part in the Climate Union :-

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