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Slow-Moving Meltdown Catastrophe

The IPCC is out of date. No, really, the 2007 Fourth Assessment Report from the IPCC is now way out of date :-

“Permafrost line recedes 130 km in 50 years : Quebec City, February 17, 2010–The southern limit of permanently frozen ground, or permafrost, is now 130 kilometers further north than it was 50 years ago in the James Bay region, according to two researchers from the Department of Biology at Université Laval. In a recent issue of the scientific journal Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, Serge Payette and Simon Thibault suggest that, if the trend continues, permafrost in the region will completely disappear in the near future…”

“Greenland’s glaciers disappearing from the bottom up : 14 February 2010 by Shanta Barley : Water warmed by climate change is taking giant bites out of the underbellies of Greenland’s glaciers. As much as 75 per cent of the ice lost by the glaciers is melted by ocean warmth. “There’s an entrenched view in the public community that glaciers only lose ice when icebergs calve off,” says Eric Rignot at the University of California, Irvine. “Our study shows that what’s happening beneath the water is just as important.” In the summer of 2008, Rignot’s team measured salinity, temperature and current speeds near four calving fronts in three fjords in western Greenland. They calculated melting rates from this data…”

If you were to follow my line of thinking, it would be time to panic. Seriously, if you thought like I think, it would be time to be concerned, become alarmed, worry somewhat, get anxious, then dissatisfied and angry with the fact that there’s no serious action on curbing Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

My opinion is that we shouldn’t be listening to the siren voices of calm. From my point of view, there’s nothing to appease my growing sense of unease.

I don’t like to be thought of as a scaremongerer, but I’ve had to face the facts : nothing is under control.

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