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Fossil Fuels Ruel, OK ?

It’s easy to stay on top of the heap – just throw rocks at everybody trying to climb The Hill.

Fossil Fuels are free when they come out of the ground, but exact a heavy price on the Environment – a cost that cannot be measured in Money – since wealth is made from Fossil Fuel Energy.

Unless we cut the thread – the causal relationship between Energy use and Carbon Dioxide emissions – then we will all lose wealth – from the destruction of the natural environment.

The only practical answer is to reduce the amount of Fossil Fuel that is burned. But that would impoverish us. So we need to have Zero Carbon Energy to replace Fossil Fuel Energy.

Renewable Energy is the only source of future wealth.

As the Carbon Question chimes louder and the policymakers get more and more convinced that Carbon Control is the Carbon Answer…

As Fossil Fuel companies start to show the necessary transparency about how discoveries are dwindling, how it’s getting harder and harder to mine…

As the Fossil Fuel resources show signs of stress and no matter how much money gets printed the cost of Carbon Energy continues to rise…

At what point will the cent/penny drop, the neural networks resolve, the switch click into place ?

There is no future in Fossil Fuels : not petroleum oil, not “natural” gas, not coal, not tar sands, not oil shale, not the deeper, more complex bitumen, nothing.

If you have shares in a large Fossil Fuel company, or if you have a Pension invested in a large Fossil Fuel company, spend some time to think about what could happen in the next few decades.

You’re making money now. Energy is the last bastion of Capital – in fact, Energy is the pillar of all industrialised wealth.

And if Carbon Energy becomes outlawed, if Carbon Dioxide Emissions become taxed, traded, charged, barred, if “Peak Oil”, “Peak Coal”, “Peak Carbon” are recognised, then what will happen to your investments ?

Just now we have all the wealth in the world fighting for the right to continue to make a return on pollution.

That situation will not continue, I assure you.

Without me having to lift a finger or type a word, Carbon Energy will fall, and all those share certificates in Big Oil and Gas will become worthless, get shredded and thrown out of skyscraper windows in the great ticker tape parade of utter economic collapse.

Hold on to your right to Carbon Energy and you effectively put the seal on poverty in your old age.

They tell you you’re rich because your shares in Fossil Fuel Energy have made a healthy return. In fact you’re poor, because that wealth will melt away in less than 30 years.

It’s time to drop your sub-prime Carbon assets and stride into a bold, new Solar/Wind/Marine Energy future.

Leave behind your Financial Times years. Seek the truth about Energy and wealth. Stop believing quarterly results and tune in to the sound of Future Carbon-free Energy.

It is our only hope, both yours and mine.

2 replies on “Fossil Fuels Ruel, OK ?”

“Leave behind your Financial Times years. Seek the truth about Energy and wealth. Stop believing quarterly results and tune in to the sound of Future Carbon-free Energy.”

So how are you going to live then Jo?

Seeing as you and all the rest of us are carbon based. You excrete CO2 – we all do.

Get used to it.

AGW is a scam

The gravy train ride is all but over. Follow the grant money and Gores Carbon Trading audit trail if you want a true scandal.

Nobody will trust the like of you Alarmists ever again. Your arrogance in trying to manipulate stories on the BBC is legend!

Your arrogance in demanding to know another journalists financial details whilst professing to “Love” Phil Jones who refused legitamate FOI requests makes you look all the more stupid as well as arrogant.

From the comments after all your bizarre rants I for one wonder why you bother?

Jo, have you noticed that most of your rants are only followed by comments from people who think your talking complete nonsense. Perhaps it’s time for you to realise that people have woken up to all this AGW nonsense. Why don’t you have look through Ian Plimer’s book and really read some scientific facts? BTW it’s snowing outside my window. It’s the coldest, longest winter we’ve had here in London for perhaps 10 years. Ain’t global-warming a b*tch?

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