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We Love You, Phil Jones

Phil Jones, we are a small, but growing, group, who just want you to know that we love you, respect you, and we think you should not only keep your job, but be awarded an honour for bravery in the face of a huge and nasty smear campaign.

Pay no attention to The Guardian newspaper. They just want to sell more newspapers, and they’ve worked out that giving off an insouciant whiff of Climate Change scepticism is edgy and popular, so they’re playing the field. It’s a dubious game in my view.

Don’t listen to George Monbiot either. He called for your resignation not once, but twice, adding to your woes. He really shouldn’t have. He should have had more respect for your mental condition. He’s been most unfair.

The “liberal” Media trying to take the high moral ground on Science is fine if they know what they’re talking about; but for journalists to mete judgement on scientists is not valid, when the journalists have no clue as to the context in which scientists are forced to work, and no proper appreciation of what the Science means.

For you to resign or be ejected by fearful administrators would achieve nothing – in fact it would do the CRU permanent harm. There is mischief afoot. Don’t let it reign.

Monbiot’s been holding on to his role at The Guardian for some time by his fingernails, the skin of his teeth. Many astute observers have called into question his integrity, continuing to take pay from an organisation that continues to take advertising revenue from Fossil Fuel corporates and car manufacturers. Should he follow his own advice ?

Fred Pearce has probably never had ignominy poured on him like hot oil – nobody’s ever critiqued any of his e-mails. He probably doesn’t understand the pain that it causes for you to have your private professional correspondence dissected on the entire Internet.

And why are they commenting on your e-mails ? Why are they not commenting on your work ? You see, the devil’s in the detail. What we need to hear is your work, and what it means, not have to wince at your e-mails.

Nobody is perfect. If Fred has experienced a moment of frustration in his life, and wrote it down in an e-mail, I’m sure he wouldn’t like to have it spread across the world and laughed about and sworn about and have threats sent to him by hate crime fanatics all over the globe.

The Guardian have caved in. They are playing to the beat of the Climate Change Denier drum. Don’t listen to their compromised pronouncements. They have been infected by evil propaganda. It’s all a construct. It’s not real.

What’s real is the Science. The numbers. And the fact that you have been as faithful as you can be to the need to publicise, despite the damning we all receive from the Climate Science Obstructers when we do go public.

I know something of what you feel – I too have been bullied in my professional life in the past, and these days I receive constant harrassment from the Climate Change Denier gang. These aren’t sceptics. They are well-organised muck-rakers. Some of them are sponsored by organisations with interests in the Carbon Energy status quo.

Some Climate Science Obstructers are so nasty and hateful you fear for your peace of mind. They lie, sensationalise and complain. The stress-induced noradrenalin makes you feel strangely numb and vacant. Don’t submit to this siren call.

Don’t give up. Don’t resign. Don’t let them win.

The people who want to string you up and wash you out, the people that want to undermine your life’s work, and waste your valuable time with deliberately irritating demands and unreasonable interference – don’t let them get their sordid way.

Stay strong. Be counted. Keep up the good work.

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Jo: “Some Climate Science Obstructers are so nasty and hateful you fear for your peace of mind.”

And then there is MikeJ…

I’m guessing that uou didn’t edit Harrabin’s interview with Jones? “No statistically significant” rise in temperatures since 1995. Not a good day for the climate alarmists like you.

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