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Hot Babes

The Daily Telegraph has done its usual editorial flip-floppy, fence-sitting nonsense : publishing a pretty decent article about the last decade being the hottest ever and using the photograph of a chica in a bathing suit to accompany it. Talk about gratuitous sexism ! (Yes, let’s talk about sexism in the Media, shall we ?) :-

How are we expected to take The Daily Telegraph seriously ?

Maybe we can turn this subversive behaviour around : perhaps we should use pictures of hot babes in every article about man-made Global Warming ?

Here’s a few sample photographs of babies suffering from the heat :-

Nah ! That’s just the baby from the film “Hangover”…

That’s enough pictures of overheated infants for now, I think.

2 replies on “Hot Babes”

Just think Jo, if you hadn’t wasted your life you could have had a baby of your own.

Those happy babies have more sense in their little toes than all the assembled ‘wisdom’ of the IPCC.

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