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The Hotline To God

Yesterday, I took part in the launch of an international video-conferencing platform, commissioned by the Bible Society, a faith organisation concerned about Climate Change.

The technology is collected together on a project website called Faith Climate Connect, and it is free to use by anybody :-

The demonstration conference was presented by Mark Dowd, with speeches from several guests, including Tamsin Omond, and theologians from around the world.

The technology came about from cooperation with Odyssey Networks, and the venue was The Barn at Global Tolerance.

The technology experience was not perfect : the bandwidth was narrow; but the contributions from the global participants were amazing; and the willingness to cooperate was inspiring.

I left with more ideas of how I need to use my natural affiliations to network more widely and effectively.

In the here and now, we are living the anti-Genesis. Climate Change is the story of how we unmade the World.

There is grace. We’re still here, to learn how to care.

Let us pray.

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