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Ein Glückliches Neues Jahr

Image Credit : Tim Lambert, Deltoid Science Blog

Happy New Year 2010 !

It’s only a number, I know, but Happy New Year 2010, anyway !

It’s only a number, and there are some other numbers that are way more important :-

2 degrees Celsius/Centigrade :-;jsessionid=63B576452D2AEF70A560B602E6A48ED7

350 parts per million by volume atmospheric Carbon Dioxide :-

1 trillion tonnes of Carbon Emissions left in our global Carbon Budget :-

The arrival of 2010 means we have one more happy, glorious and fortunate new year in which to get something done, seriously done, about capping Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

We’re cutting it fine. A few more New Years like this without significant and legally binding commitments to change and we willed have failed to protect our future from serious, permanent damage.

So, man the lifeboats ! It’s another year of collective cooperation, education, informal and formal discussions, technological advance, political wrangling, community cohesion and individual effort ahead !

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