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Scotland Rises To The Low Carbon Challenge

For some Low Carbon sanity in the United Kingdom, you have to go North of the English border to Scotland :-

“Clean, green energy : 17/06/2009 : A massive increase in clean, green energy and full take up of electric and alternative fuel vehicles is needed to drastically cut emissions by 2050 and transform Scotland into a low carbon economy. The measures are part of the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Delivery Plan, which sets out a vision to meet the world leading Climate Change Bill target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. The plans will also be key to unlocking Scotland’s vast potential in renewables and creating tens of thousands of green jobs. Four major transformational measures are envisioned: * Low carbon electricity by 2030, through increased renewables and clean fossil fuels utilising carbon capture and storage technology; * Wholesale adoption of low carbon road vehicles, and significant electrification of rail by 2050, with significant progress by 2030; * Low carbon heating by 2050, with significant progress by 2030, through reduced demand, better energy efficiency and a massive increase in renewable and low carbon heating systems; * Fewer emissions from agricultural businesses, more woodland planting and appropriate protection for Scotland’s carbon rich soils.”

I’ll drink a dram to that (except for the part about Carbon Capture and Storage).

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