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Number Crunching #1 : Jobs Flooding in, Homes Flooded out

In the best Private Eye style, I will merely present to you two statistics and let you deduce the relationship between the two.

If you really don’t understand what I’m driving at, do get in touch :-

“17 June, 2009 : The research, ‘Future Value Of Coal Carbon Abatement Technologies To UK Industry’ by AEA Group, is published today alongside the Government’s consultation document ‘A framework for the development of clean coal’. Together, they suggest that CCS could bring between £2-4bn into the UK economy every year by 2030, and support between 30,000-60,000 jobs.”

“June 18, 2009 : Their [UK Climate Impacts Programme] report, to be published today, is expected to be the bleakest official assessment yet of the impact of climate change in Britain over the rest of this century. It will say that the estimated number of homes at risk of flooding is likely to double to about 800,000 within 25 years because of rising sea levels.”

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