Global Datasets Disagree

Image Credit : NASA GISS

Breaking the trend of the last few months, NASA GISS record that June 2010 was not the hottest June on record since records began (see the “Ts [Surface Temperature] Anomaly” in the bottom right hand quarter of the chart/graph above), even though they admit that the period January 2010 to June 2010 has definitely been the warmest January to June ever, out of 131 years (see the top left hand quarter of the chart/graph above).

Meanwhile, at NOAA, there is some disagreement :-

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The Blob Chart’s Back !

The NASA GISS Blob Chart has just been completed to finish off 2009, and it’s red, raw and angry. Don’t see any yellow in 2009, just orange and red. Getting kind of hot lately, isn’t it ?

The Blob Chart is…the best communications tool since the telephone, by the way. So simple. So visual. So colourful. So unambiguous.

NASA GISS : 2009 Second Warmest

According to James Hansen and the crew at NASA GISS, 2009 was the second warmest year ever. Yes, even though December 2009 was a bit nippy for some, the Arctic Oscillation couldn’t ruin a grand total of warm.

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