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Each of us, be we wise or distracted, are in some way invested in the future, in how the future is for ourselves, and those that come after us. What we do now, we do for the present, because of the past, in anticipation of what is to come, building a foundation, a support, a frame, for the future that will emerge. We save money; we learn new skills; we invest in friendships. And since the medium is the message, we enact the future, making a silhouette, a pattern, of how the future will appear. We lead by doing. We challenge by creating. We teach by learning. We take the step forward that others will in their turn take. And so it is that I have caught the sunshine and made it work for me, because that is one important way in which tomorrow’s power will be made. Today a significant milestone was reached in my rooftop solar photovoltaic electricity generation – 4MWh – four megawatt hours, from a 3kW capacity system, installed on 18 November 2011, just over two years ago. Here are my recent readings :-

17 November 2013 17:30 3996.5 kWh
20 November 2013 10:10 3998.5 kWh
20 November 2013 16:45 3999.0 kWh
21 November 2013 10:10 3999.1 kWh
21 November 2013 11:50 3999.4 kWh
21 November 2013 15:25 4000.2 kWh
21 November 2013 18:30 4000.2 kWh

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