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Renewable Gas UK Update

I attended a very interesting conference today. On the basis of what I heard there in the presentations, and what people were saying to me in conversation, I’d say that Renewable Gas in the UK is rather, well, cuspish – it’s on the edge of the Big Time, what with the Renewable Heat Incentive and a good deal of buzz from companies across Europe keen to convert waste of all kinds into energy – what with the Directives, and all. Germany, as per usual, is way ahead of Britain. Probably because most of the main UK gas producing and distribution companies, such as BP and Shell, are not active in Renewable Gas to any great extent. As far as “injecting” Biomethane into the gas grid – well, the hoops that people have to jump through, whilst not entirely simplified, are at least becoming more streamlined, so we can expect a rush of green gas projects to start topping up national gas supplies in the near future. Anybody who’s doing anything in gas really ought to be involved. Gas is the future, the UK Government appear to have decided, so Renewable Gas is clearly going to be a significant element of that. I’m going to write more about today’s event, if I get a few free moments, but for now, I’m too tired to type any more, so that’s your lot for today.

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