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Renewable Gas in Outline

You’ve had all my thoughts on Renewable Gas for free and without effort so far, but now for something you have to work for !

If you want to read an unreferenced version of my outline to Renewable Gas, you will need to email me, and commit to writing a short review of what I have written.

You can leave me your genuine email address by commenting on this post – click the post title to show the comments box at the bottom of the post page.

I can guarantee not to share your email address with any third party. Unless you want me to. Or unless you say something illegal or hateful.

One reply on “Renewable Gas in Outline”

Hi Jo

I have to admit I’m intrigued.

Fossil fuel sourced-gas is a big problem to me, because of the extra pathways for the unintended emission of methane (hence NatGas being as bad as coal for GH effect). But ‘Renewable Gas’ could be a different proposition, if handled properly..

Is your Renewable Gas bio-sourced, from sewage and waste? Can it scale up to the same volumes that fossil gas is currently being utilized? Will it not also face the need for major infrastructure overhaul to prevent leakage?

Throw me your outline, and I’ll be happy to throw my tuppence back..


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