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Bishop Hill : Wrong Conclusions

Today, another lesson in why I refuse to take climate change “sceptic” web logs seriously.

Willis Eschenbach has written a post for Anthony Watts on the “Watts Up With That” weblog, which has been dutifully echoed over at Andrew Montford’s “Bishop Hill” weblog.

The self-styled climate change “sceptics” are claiming that extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over the last five millenia has precipitated a decline in global temperatures.

Yet again, they don’t appear to have seen the broad picture.

If you look back through the Vostok ice core data – which is representative of several ice age cycles, the one thing that jumps out is that at the “termination” of each ice age, the temperature jumps sharply, and then falls sharply.

That is, it falls sharply in every ice age termination except the most recent one.

Rising greenhouse gas concentrations over the last 10,000 years appear to have slowed down the sharp global cooling that should otherwise have taken place – giving the Holocene an unusually steady climate :-

Some even think that this was due to mankind’s agrcultural activities

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