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Green Strawberries in November

I live in the Northern Hemisphere, a considerable distance north of the Equator, and here, plants and animals have evolved over many centuries to adapt to the circling of the seasons.

After a cold lull, they know to bud, and bloom, raise leaves, court, mate, hatch, sprout, nest, burgeon, flower. And as it warms up, they have learned, through inherited development over the generations, to fruit, feather, fly, grow, trail, forage, sun.

Yet what is happening here ? Green strawberries and loganberries in November; ducklings, bluetit chicks ?

Spring bulbs were putting up leaves in October. Things are unseasonably warm for the time of year.

It’s surreal, incomprehensible; but it’s not a tale. It’s climate change. It feels like a nightmare version of frozen, spellbound Narnia, where it was “always Winter and never Christmas”, yet where a spiritual, moral awakening brought forth warmth and Spring. Is there a possibility that north western Europe may escape bad weather this wintertime, just like 2007, perhaps the first year without Winter ? Will Britain lurch between warm and bitter winters ? Or will the dark season become consistently mild ?


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Do you honestly think that the mild temperatures we have had in October and November are due to CO2 induced climate change?

Have you not heard of the Arctic Oscillation? Because while we in the British Isles are enjoying the mild conditions (AO is positive), Greenland has been suffering record cold temperatures in October (e.g. -50C at the Summit Station), and recent weeks have not been much warmer.

The Arctic Oscillation was first noticed by Danish Missionaries back in the 18th century; when Denmark had cold winters Greenland was usually mild and vice versa. It is the jet stream which determine how severe our winters are not CO2.

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