Solar Sunrise

Solar FIT to Bust #8

[UPDATE : I didn’t need two MCS Certificates in the end – as all the panels were the same make and model and I only have one generation meter. Administration.] I live in a power station. I am now officially a microgenerator, or rather, my house is – although I’m still waiting for the last piece of paperwork to be able to send in my two feed-in tariff application forms.

Why do I need two FiT forms ? Because I had two separate systems installed today.

One is on the back of the roof with 9 250W panels and a central inverter, and one on the front of the roof with 3 250W panels and microinverters.

Here’s the inverter reading from the back of the roof, taken about half an hour after the outside photograph :-

It was reading 440 W just after the panels were first plugged in and the sun was higher in the sky.

And here’s the reading from the front of the roof – online :-

161 Watts. Not bad for the time of year and the general weather conditions. I might even be generating more than I am consuming. Now that really would be something.

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