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Energy Poll #11 : Energy Conservation

Question 1    How frequently do you hear information about energy being wasted at home and in offices and public buildings ?

Question 2    Do you think that energy conservation will help with meeting carbon emissions targets ?

Question 3    Do you think that insulation, draught exclusion and efficient machines are desirable ways to save energy ?

Question 4    Have you or will you take energy conservation measures at home, such as adding roof insulation ?

Question 5    Do you think that energy conservation services can make a profit for energy companies ?

Background Information : please give a few brief details about what kind of person you are, to help us check that a representative sample of people have answered the survey.

What region are you living in ?
How old are you ?
What gender are you ?
How do you prefer to keep up to date with science ?

Is Climate Change really happening ?
Is Peak Oil really happening ?
Do you know a lot about energy  ?
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